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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Art That I Heart

This has been a crazy week. First, my sweet hubby just got a great job and he starts on Monday (Hooray for prayer...truly). Then, Isabella lost her blankie (not just any old blankie, but the blankie that she desperately needs to sniff in order to fall asleep. And yes, I did say sniff...don't judge). Lastly, a bunch of firefighters were running around my house today, because Isabella dead bolted herself in my room, and we don't have a key (try explaining to a 2 year old how to turn back the lock...pretty impossible.) Luckily, we had just purchased Newman's Own Oreo cookies, and we were sliding them under the door to keep her calm. Also, we were able to get in without risking my deposit, which I take very seriously. Quincy was a champ and slept through all the excitement, and is still trying to figure out how her sister got a plastic red fireman's hat. Josh took a picture on his phone, and I will be posting it soon. Whew! I told you that it has been an exciting week.

Now, since my husband just got a fantastic job, I am feeling optimistic about tackling somethings on my wish list. One of the things on my wish list is to get some art. I've been searching on Etsy and fell in love with the shop Vol25. I really love this picture.
I think that this picture would be perfect in a girl's room. It is such a great message, especially inside a beautiful girl's silhouette.
This picture is extra fantastic because there is a ton of color options.

The reason why I like the Etsy shop Vol25 so much is because there is a theme of love, and I don't think there can ever be too much love in a home.


  1. aww thanks so much for posting this! :) It definitely does sound like you had buuusy week! Glad everything worked out ok though. :)

    jess (vol.25)

  2. Yay! I'm so happy for you guys, you know with the job and all. And I'm glad Bella has been freed from the bedroom, you've got to love those vintage doorknobs! These are nice prints, thanks for sharing.

  3. Really? Blankie is gone for good?

  4. Yay for Josh getting a job! And I LOVE the art!