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Monday, May 3, 2010

A Rescue Pic, Tom Brady and Family, And Winners

Here is the picture from the other day, when we had to rescue Isabella from locking herself in my room. You can check out the story here.

Remember when I was at the park and saw Jennifer Garner? Well, while at the park last Thursday, Tom Brady and Gisele stopped by with their two boys. Of course I had to google the event and sure enough I was able to find a picture of Gisele and I. I also found a picture of Quincy running by. And if any of you were wondering...yes, we are at the park all the time.
Also, I picked a winner for my giveaway....everyone! If you entered then you won! I've been busy and all the headbands are done, and ready to be mailed. I especially liked this entry by my husband's friend, and wanted to share.

Mortgage Mann, "I deserve to win the headband for my beautiful little lady Vera."

Don't you just love a Dad who is completely smitten by his little girl? BTW I've seen Vera's picture and she is adorable, and I hope she likes the new headband. P.S. Since I don't know every winner's head size I just attached the felt hearts on headbands.


  1. What exciting park outings you have!

  2. I do not have the famous person superpower. I think that my superpower is NOT knowing famous people when I see them, because at the rate that everyone else is going around here, I should have seen someone by now.

    Also, thank you for the headbands, my girls love them and wore them all day. A first for accessories and them.

  3. I really think you should start posing!!!!THAT would be awesome!