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Thursday, March 11, 2010

French Coloring Pages

Just found a cute french blog called e-coloriage. I don't speak french, but I think that the blog features different artist by having them make a printable color page. So, if you have a budding artist then go print some of these cute coloring in pages (there is over 40).

***Just a quick hint...every color page has a number followed by a line. For example color page number thirty looks like this...30 J’arrose mon jardin que s’il en a besoin (this will be in the right hand column). If you would like to put the picture in printable form then underneath the picture you will see Télécharge le dessin à colorier, click on that then print. Also, the the pictures seem to be divided into categories, so if you want to look at different coloring pages then start clicking in the right hand column (some categories I clicked on were nature, pesticides, and plantes).
***Just another quick hint...ignore everything in my last note. Just click on google translate-it is amazing. Why was I not doing this before?

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