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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Remember that Speacial Beach with Framed Sand Paper

How many of us have a special memory that involves a beautiful beach. Maybe you took your honeymoon, a special anniversary, birthday, or family reunion at an amazing location. When you packed your bags and got ready to come home did you grab a little bag of sand? Well, I know I have, so if your anything like me then go grab that bag of sand out of the drawer and display it on the wall by making your own framed sand paper.

This project is easy and you only need a couple of basically it is the perfect project.

All you need is sand, a piece of card stock (size to be framed), cardboard, and a spray adhesive (I used 3M super 77).

Place the card stock on top of the cardboard, then lightly, and evenly spray on the adhesive. Now sprinkle the sand (before you use the sand make sure that there is no bits a want pure sand.) on top of the sprayed card stock.

Gently pick up the card stock and remove extra sand, and let dry, and then you will have your very own custom made sand paper to frame.

Here is a close up of the paper just, because I think it looks cool.

When the paper is all dry then it is ready to be framed. I framed my sand paper in a thick frame from Crate and Barrel. It was just thick enough to put the star fish inside. I think a shell would be equally stylish. Have fun and enjoy!
P.S. If any one can come up with a better title then let me know. I don't know how to describe this project with out using sand paper, but I feel it could be confusing. So, sorry for the confusing title, but I love this project, and wanted to share.


  1. What a neat idea! I framed sand dollars in a shadow box, but never thought to actually use sand.

  2. That turned out so cute!! Very simple!

  3. How cute...luv this cool idea! Hope you have a FUN day!


  4. Now, how did you know that I had sand waiting for an idea...?
    Very cute!

  5. Very clean and cool. Makes me wish I had a beach house or a home somewhere outside of the midwest. :)

  6. Love this idea!. I collect sand from every beach we have visited. (I have about 15 bottles) I just put them in small bottles that I have found at flea markets or thrift stores, then hang a tag from it saying which beach and the date.

  7. That is such a cute idea! Darling!

    Thanks for linking it up to my party!!!