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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Five Years with My Man

Happy five year anniversary! I can't believe it...I married this man five years ago! We have lived in seven homes, have had two kids, and because of all that I think I have aged tremendously. He is not the best husband because he is totally awesome at surfing, snow boarding, long boarding, yoga, has a six pack, and is totally hot (all true), but he is the best husband because he truly loves me, loves to be around me, encourages me to develop talents, thinks I am the cutest thing ever (even though I am sure I am not), pushes the girls all over town in their stroller while he long boards (I think he is the only husband in the world to do that), and he really tries to be the best man that he can be for our family. I love him, and couldn't be happier that we have been married for five years. Happy anniversary to my yobo.

F&A, your Louie


  1. Congrats! You guys really are a great couple - also, Shauna, your hair looks great in this picture. You lied when you said it never looks good down.

  2. Yeah! I think your hair looks great too. So, hopefully there are more special occasions coming up so you'll wear it down more!

    Congratulations! I do think that you guys are the perfect compliment to each other.