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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Market Skirt from MADE

Don't you love this skirt that I made for Isabella? The pattern/tutorial is from the blog MADE. It is one of the first things that I have made that the girls can wear, and I love it! All the tutorials on MADE are easy to understand, and there are a ton of pictures (Great for a beginner like me).
P.S. You really can't beat the weather here in Southern California. We took these picture as we walked to church today. You can almost feel the sun shining through the picture. If I didn't have a calendar I wouldn't believe that we are still in Winter.


  1. adorable! Thanks for sharing with me and thanks for uploading to the flickr group!
    My husband and I lived in LA for the past 10 years and I worked in Santa monica for 4 of those years. Your pictures make me miss it :).
    btw, are you Mormon?

  2. Oh! I just thought this was the dress that Quincy used to wear that was plad. Awesome! You did a good job- one thing that you are good at is getting the details really good. As in your stuff doesn't look like it's home made (like mine always does- in the bad way).

  3. you are so talented! i just love all your ideas and crafts. Maybe one day I can try my hand at making some clothes... thanks for sharing all your beautiful talents.