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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why my Christmas presents were late this year: peg people

Well, here it is my girl's doll house. I got it last year on Craig's list for about $30. I really like it because it came with all the great wood furniture, and you can dismantle the doll house and store it. The problem with the doll house is....

that these were the occupants. They were nice enough kids, but the neighbors were always complaining about all the noise they would make running, skipping, and or course sliding of furniture. It was clear something had to be done. I searched the web and found this shop on ebay called goosegrease. They will even customize your family.

Aren't they so talented. I would have loved to have splurged on these. So inspiring.

And if I was getting married again I would for sure want a set of their customized wedding toppers. Luckily after falling in love with their painted peg people I found out that you could buy unpainted peg families from the same people.

I obviously styled my after goosegrease.

And thanks to their inspiration I think my two families turned out pretty good. Especially considering that I am not an artist.

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