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Friday, January 8, 2010

The girls room

I thought we would take a tour of the girls room. This photo shoot proved to be difficult. I woke up this morning and got to work I needed to take advantage of the light and get in before the girls had to go down for there naps. The problem was that every time I put something away the girls would want it, but we got it done. (I love that dresser. It was an old one from my husband's Mom. It has a mirror that attaches to it, but the last two moves have scratch my poor little dresser, and I need to do some touch ups. I guess that's the advantage of painting your furniture...I own the paint).
I also love for kids to have tons of books. When we lived in Sacramento we had a Goodwill by our house, and they had a great selection. Most of the books I own are from there. It wasn't until I went to another Goodwill out of the area that I learned that not all Goodwill's prices are the same. Oh I do miss the .50 to a $1 days.

I especially love old books. Those I keep up high. It is like a bit of history. Also, I got that carousel from my Dad one Christmas. It seemed special, because I knew he picked it out all on his own, and now all these years later it is in my girls room. So Dads...don't just rely on your wives to do all the gift shopping, because it means so much more when you get involved (This is really for my husband, because I am sure he will be the only dad reading my blog, or the only person).

What a model! Quincy is really getting into posing for pictures lately. Obviously she has a lot to teach me.

And behind our little model are these prints I found at Target 2 years ago, and I loved them. My whole color scheme are in these prints, and they feel young to me. Oh yea, and did I say that these prints were actually Valentine place mats. For only $6 I had three big prints, and they even sparkle. I love it!
I love them so much I went back to Target and found these last Valentines. This time I cut up the translucent place mats and put different shades of card stock behind them.
Okay, photo shoot is over let's play!

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