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Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Well, it is raining in southern California. We have had five days of consecutive rain, and every time we leave the house it is a down pour. The girls have been loving it, as for me it is getting a little old (I know, a girl from Portland is complaining about five days of rain).
Today we celebrated the rain by having a photo shoot. Of course I couldn't coax Quincy out of her favorite outfit. It was a struggle just to get her to wear the sweater. I had to tell her that if she didn't put the sweater on then Isabella was going to hold my cute pink hello kitty umbrella. Oh, the things us parents have to say. Good thing Isabella didn't care what umbrella she held.

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  1. Your girls are sisters and I have many fond memories of puddle jumping in the So. California rains. Fun times. :) luv, trina {the daily delights}