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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Quincy has preschool twice a week. Some other moms and I take turns teaching, using this online curriculum. Over the last few weeks the children have been working on making a book that is all about them. Some examples of what you would find inside the books are; a self portrait, a picture of their family, things they like, and a silhouette. (Hooray! I was in charge of the silhouettes. I love stuff like this). It was so simple. I just took a picture of their profile, printed it (using economical and fast), traced the profile, cut out traced profile, traced cut out on black paper, and cut black paper. I glued the silhouette on colored paper because I wanted the inside of their books to be colorful, and I love it! I think that I have found a new addiction. I also used the blog Inchmark as a resource. She recently did a bunch of entries on silhouettes. She recommended adding eyelashes, and it was also helpful to compare her silhouettes to mine.


  1. Kate and I had a good ole time picking out who was who.

  2. But did you get the twins right? I did, because I am great.

    I like that you cut out on the shoulder of the bust. It looks good that way- better than just a straight line I think.