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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big Bow Headband

Big Bow Headband
If you love making a statement with your accessories, then this is the tutorial for you. When making this headband I first, followed this tutorial and covered a plastic headband with gray grosgrain ribbon. After your plastic headband is covered, then its time to make your bow. Start by cutting out 8.5 by 4.5 (inches) piece of cotton fabric out. Then cut out a second piece of sheer fabric, making it slightly bigger then the cotton piece of fabric (this will make sewing easier). Lay the sheer fabric on top of the cotton fabric. Fold the short ends into the middle. Starting at the corners sew along the frayed sides, finishing close to the middle (In case this is confusing, just sew where the dotted lines are on the picture. By leaving a gap you will be able to turn it inside out). After you sew, then you will trim the sheer fabric to be the same as the cotton fabric.
A close up of the middle.
Turn inside out. Now the sheer fabric is on top.
Fold your fabric accordion style so it looks like a bow. Then quickly hand sew the middle together so everything stays put.P1020702

Now, cut out 2 by 5 (inches) pieces from both fabrics. Fold the fabrics in half (hot dog style) with the sheer fabric on top. Sew a line down the frayed end, making a tube.
A close up of the middle piece.
Take your little strip, putting the seam in the middle, and hand sew it to the bow in a way that hides the seam (It will be too long and you will need to be cut to fit properly). Now that the bow is complete, attach it to the head band. You can attach it by either sewing it or hot gun gluing it down (I sewed). When attaching my bow, I like it to lean down more on one side, and not be centered.
big bow headband


  1. Ok, that is WAAAAAY too cute. I have a headband with a small bow on it that I love, but I have always wished it was at least a teeny bit larger... I want to try this!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Adorable, Love this! I would love for you to come link up over at my blog! I've got prizes :)

  3. How have I only just now found your blog, this is so adorable!! I am going to make a bow for myself right now, thank you so much!