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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grandparents gift: embroider childrens hand prints on tea towels

I thought I would share one of the gifts that I gave the grandparents this year. I had seen on different blogs where people had posted hand prints that they had stitched and framed (one pretty thing had an example of this). I liked this idea but both of my parents have plenty of things on there walls and didn't need any more. Then I came up with the idea of using a plain tea towel. Well, like usual I was running out of time, and ended up getting these old fashioned flour towels at Jo-Annes. This was so easy. Just trace your kids hands on cardstock, cut out template, trace template on fabric with sewing pen, and backstitch. I also blanket stitched around the edge.To me it is the perfect gift, because it is functional, easy, sentimental, and cheap!
P.S. Who knew my kid's first initials made IQ.


  1. Now that I give my photos a second look I realize that maybe I should have ironed them first. Oh well. I am just excited to get this blog thing going.

  2. Very cute and functional too! Love it!