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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Fun Group Game: Big Booty

I live in the city, and one of my neighbors (across the Street) is a Catholic High School (Well, its a school on one side and a very famous Catholic church on the other side. I even saw Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger coming out of church when I was taking my children to the park one day. He was just a couple of feet from where I stood. This was espeacially exciting for our family, because he was my husband's idol growing up. Cute, huh? To bad my husband was out of town. Just thought I'd share). Well, one day I was walking by and I heard the kids yelling "big booty, big booty, big booty, big booty!" Well, this chanting brought me back to about ten years ago. Big booty was a favorite game at my best friend Mandie's house. Mandie has seven brothers and sisters, and there was always a crowd, and we were always playing games. If you are a big gamer like myself then you should click here and learn how to play, because it is a blast. I know I'll be playing soon.
P.S. You can also go to you tube, and watch clips of people playing Big Booty.
P.S.S. And because I think that every post deserves a picture, here is one of my cute Isabella trying to sit on her booty.

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